Dog Daycare

Our collection & Drop Off times vary from day to day and depend much on the geography of 'the run'. We aim to have everyone collected by 10.30am and dropped off between 3 and 4.30pm.
Cost of collection & Drop Off is included in the price.

Having collected all dogs, we will then choose where our walk will begin. The geography of the run will predict where we end up, but we have the options of a variety of fantastic East Lothian woods, beaches and countryside.

Happydoggydays aims to provide a different and varied walk every day. New smells, interesting focals, and lots of audio stimulants make for a happydoggy!!
Having had a fabby 2-3 hour walk, it is time for a towel dry, fresh water, a comfortable rest & of course, a happydoggy treat!

At this time, any special requests from owners, requiring a little One - One attention/training will be undertaken.
As a Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild we are totally committed to force free training.
We do not believe in any dominance, pack leader or other outdated and unscientific methods of training.
Your dog will never be subjected to any aversive methods.
Happydoggydays works with positive training methods, we know from experience that this kind, encouraging training method, allows your dog to enjoy learning

Your dog is then returned home a contented, relaxed and happydoggy, ensuring a contented, relaxed and happy human!!

Weekend daycare (when available) runs from 10 am until 4.30 pm. Outwith these times can be accommodated, at an extra charge, please contact us with any requests.

If you have any further requirements, such as feeding, caring for other family members, then please let us know. This may incur a supplementary charge.


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