Windy & Wintry

Posted by Carole Leighton on Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Well!! That was a bit of a shock this morning, I know it had been predicted, but who believes weather forecasters, especially when they got it so right last week!
Having cleared the van of snow, off we went to collect our motley crew. Weather getting progressively worse as we climbed steeper towards the Lammermuirs. All collected, we disembarked from the van, Fliss & I wrapped up from head to toe.
Dogs were completely non plussed, in fact they were relishing the weather! Oreo & Rudi trying to make Snow Angels, whilst Hamish was pretending to be a snow plough, shovelling his little nose through the snow. Jess & Luka the lab ladies behaving slightly more elegantly. As we deepened into the woods, we all became miniature diggers...heads down and ploughing our way through the snowy blizzards, whilst the wind howled through the tress. Onto the open field and my it fair rattled the bones! Dogs decided this was the time for a bit of a run and chase, which no doubt helped to keep them warm.
Heading back to the van, everyone was obviously starting to tire and keen to get back to their towels and treats. Suddenly there was an enormous crashing noise and as we gathered the dogs for safety, there, only 20 yards in front of us was a fallen tree, Rudi was quickly off to investigate. It took Fliss and I a couple of minutes to register what had happened 'Was that tree blocking the path as we left the car park?' . No, it was another victim of the previous storms and obviously its roots had been severely weakened. So we scrambled our way through the freshly fallen branches, some finding it much easier than others.........and so to the van and some warmth and comfort.

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