What a day!!!

Posted by Carole Leighton on Friday, May 11, 2012
Phone 999 or call local station?? That was the question we faced this morning on our way to collect Hamish from Gifford!
Coming over the brow of a hill we were faced with a Bernese Mountain dog in the middle of the road! Thankfully, due to weather conditions we weren't travelling at speed and managed to stop and pull over.
Gathered up a lead and some treats, along with the trusty whistle and tried to approach the obviously nervous dog. He/she was having none of it and turned tail, cars coming from the east stopped, but a huge lorry coming from the west, approached over the hill and understandably due to road conditions, took its time in slowing to a halt - literally inches from the dog.
Heart in mouth moment! Dog standing static in the road, aaargh! BMD then ran off and presented us with the above quandary, called local headquarters and informed them. Nobody had reported it missing, but if it had just got out/off then I too, would be busy looking and not calling Police.
Not much else we could do, apart from keep fingers crossed. Met the local postie in Gifford and asked him if he knew of a BMD, thought he recognised it, but couldn't pinpoint an owner.
Our crew needed to get on, so unfortunately had to leave it there.
Having got home I've called the police to enquire if there is any update, but although local police travelled the route from East Saltoun to Gifford they didn't find anything.
Very upsetting as the dog was obviously stressed, but nothing more we could do.
If anyone knows a BMD around that area, please check they are at home, safe & well, and perhaps let us know too!!

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