Thrilling Tuesday

Posted by Carole Leighton on Tuesday, April 17, 2012
What a fantastic day!! Started off a little? drizzly, whilst taking Oreo out for his early morning walk at which he was joined by his little JRT puppy friend, Pippa. By the time we were off on our collection run, the sun was starting to peep through the clouds and by the time we reached North Berwick it was starting to feel a little warm.
Off to the woods today, but 1st an energetic run in the stubble, for those who had missed their friends over the holidays. Everyone seemed very pleased to see each other and settled down to some rough and tumble and sharing (very politely) of sticks.
Into the woods for some serious striding out, both Fliss and I and the dogs! A bit of excitement when hamish spotted a squirrel and started running round the tree trunk, which obviously got everyone else interested too. Oreo showing off his remarkable tree-hugging skills. The 2 doodles were the first to lose interest and went back to their sticks. Then they decided it would be fun to have a mud bath to cool down - resulting in one very black, black doodle and one very black, cream doodle!! Luka meanwhile had her nose in the air at such antics, but quickly back to the ground hunting for scent.
Time to go and have a bit of a cleansing swim at the pond. Or so I thought.....unfortunately the geese were sunbathing at the edge and took great exception to nosy snouts approaching and with some well chosen honks took to the air!
Quick dip and then back to get a towel and treat as always.

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