Pretty Little April Showers!!

Posted by Carole Leighton on Thursday, April 12, 2012
What a horrible start to the week! Snowy, windy and very, wet ground. Wishful thinking on my part, has delayed the ordering of the new, very, wet feet as my waterproof walking boots are no longer waterproof!
Actually, I very much doubt if anything other than wellies could cope withwhat we've been through the past couple of days.
Thinking outside the box, thought we'd take a very level walk on Tuesday (1st day back and brain not quite in sync!) Level walk = many, many puddles! Dogs had an absolute ball splashing in and out and soaking the others! Rudi in particular thinks this is a great game and bounces through every puddle, throwing up an enormous amount of doodle spray!
Thought we'd take a chance with woodland walks the past 2 days, not many puddles, just many quagmires! Not quite mud up to the armpits, but felt like it sometimes.
Very interesting that the change in weather seems to have subdued some dogs and made others look as if they should be on Ritalin for ADHD!
Exciting times for all as interest again, in ducks, not looking the worse for the weather, geese back in the reservoir and once again a few deer have been spotted.....dogs noses twitching and bottoms shaking!
Towel dries have once again been a must, and not just for the dogs!

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