More focused, fun days!!

Posted by Carole Leighton on Sunday, January 29, 2012
Fabulous few days we've had, up until today!
Had a lovely fun time with Chloe, Hannah & Penny, (usually rambling with Nick, The Dog Rambler!)who settled in very well with the other dogs and seemed to have an absolute ball!! Photos in Gallery 3 slideshow.
Last Friday had a fabby time at the beach, with shirtsleeves rolled up and in Fliss's case trouser legs mild!
To this week and winter is making her presence felt!! It's not been too cold, but pretty miserable with wind and rain. Not too noticeable yesterday in Binning Wood, always well covered by trees. Not covered enough though as Luka managed to flush out a deer, 3 sets of 4 small legs chasing 1 set of 4 agile & nimble legs, all gamely(!) set to chase, with the exception of Bramble, who at just under a year hasn't quite got the hunting instinct! Rather niceto see the deer springing away, safe in the knowledge the dogs would come back with a whistle! One free deer & 3 exhausted hounds!
Today, however by the end of the walk, even the dogs spirits seemed to be dampened,it was very wet, windy and miserable, we headed back to a lovely warm rub down and some cosy heat.

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