Misty, Wet day @ Yellowcraigs

Posted by Carole Leighton on Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Dismal!! What a horrid start to the day! Wet, damp and miserable. Once we had evryone collected, question was where to go? I always like these days, cos the feeling is no-one else wil visit the coast, when the weather is like this.
Not quite true to form. Parked up at Yellowcraigs and first of all met Luka's neighbour, one of our local amenity wardens. Having gone through the sniffing crotch/bottom ritual we were on our way. Decided before the freedom of the beach, we would have a controlled walk along the John Muir way. All behaving, even when we met the most enormous Mastiff, who behaved explicitly. Onwards and along the way, between two winter barley fields, with a lovely family of geese having a cheeky take-away! Farmer in his Ferguson tractor, so don't think they were doing too much damage and dogs didn't notice at all! Poopy bags deposited in a very convenient bin and off to the beach. Dogs love the freedom and whif of the sea air...had an absolute ball tearing up and down, until we discovered Mr & Mrs Muscovy. I couldn't believe it, how far from comfort zone were they? Having looked and checked twice, most definitely Muscovy's. Certainly not interested in have a wee paddle! Any time the dogs got close (not nearly close enough!) they tok flight and landed in the dunes. Sea was very choppy, so very clever duckies.
As far as West Course at North Berwick and time to turn back, enough time for another quick dip for those with some extra stamina, then, back for the usual comfort towel and Happydoggytreat.
All in all, a great day, considering the dismal weather our friends in the south have had.

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