Posted by Carole Leighton on Sunday, April 22, 2012
Huge apologies folks! Realised we haven't posted anything for a while. It's not cos we haven't had any interesting walks, just cos Carole's been a bit poorly....feeling a wee bit better now :-)
Regardless of the horrid weather, we have to get up, get on and get out!!
Having said that, the very early morning yucky starts have given way to the sun breaking through and a much brighter day :-)
On that note..where did summertime March go? Not to worry....always a new, bright horizon for us.....interesting new walks to be found and the odd occassional new friend to join the crowd. We really were out and about in East Lothian this week and Happydoggys ventured wide and far. We traversed through Bolton to Gifford, Tyningham, Saltoun, Butterdean and even a wee quiet walk by the Tyne nearly venturing as far as the new pathway to Bolton. So to sum up, riverside, seaside,woodland and a little controlled walk...all in all we've done what it says on the tin!!

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