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Happy Birthday To Us!

Wow! We have reached our 3rd Birthday this month and what an amazing 3 years it has been. We've had a few downs but we have had many, many more ups, thanks to the fabulous characters we get to look after and have fun with!
We would like to thank you all, for your wonderful support and look forward to another busy year ahead.
Some interesting facts from the past 3 years

1) We've covered over 50k miles! On the plus side, we get to visit all of East Lothian's fabulous countryside.

2) We've gone through 2 pairs of walking boots and are now on our 7th pair of wellies!
However my Craghoppers jacket has been a great investment. It works! Keeps everything out and all the warmth in. Oh and it has a lifetime guarantee. Couldn't recommend more and no, I'm not on commission unfortunately!

3) I wouldn't begin to estimate the number of treats issued. I should think it's comparable to the mileage!
As most of you know, we generally make our own treats. This way, we know the ingredients and can be sure there are no nasty additives. Dehydrated liver is an absolute favourite, along with the delicious (so I'm told!) peanut butter/honey & banana bone shaped treats - look out for those in your Christmas Stockings!

4) We've said goodbye to some dogs, who happily have either had a change in family circumstances or moved out of the area - 3 lucky dogs have moved to France!

5) Probably the most important! We've got to meet, spend happy times with and enjoy the company of all your marvellous dogs!
Their energy and joie de vivre never ceases to amaze me! They are indeed Happydogs!

As for me? It's a joy to wake up and look forward to the day, knowing I'm going to have the fabulous company of my favourite furries! 
Ok. It's not quite so much fun when it's pouring with rain or snowing! It is worth it knowing, even in all weathers, your dog has had a great day out, with friends and is happy to go home, sleep and dream about the next adventure!
Dates for Your Diary
With the exception of Christmas I haven't really taken any holidays in the past 3 years, so..........I'm having a wee break in November. We will be closed from Tuesday 18th through to Sunday 23rd inclusive. I'm off to a lodge in Aviemore with some friends and of course Oreo & Miss Lollypop, where no doubt we will find some great walks to enjoy!

We have also finalised our Christmas dates and will be closing on the afternoon of Friday 19th December and re-opening on the morning of Monday 5th January.

Doggy Christmas parties start the week beginning 15th of December! 
Along with our usual fun and games, we'll have, snuffling for treats, games of cracker pulling, party hats(?) for those who wish to partake and of course, lots of hide and seek!
The dogs love it when we play hide and seek, not only is this fun, but it helps to reinforce the dogs attention on being alert to where we are.
Try it when you're out with your dog and you'll see what we mean. Lots of praise when they do find you!

Meet Wish
Meet Wish. 

Wish is a 2 year old labrador who joined us at the end of September. She loves having fun with Juno.
Meet Miss Lollypop.

Lolly is a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel, who arrived to live with us in March of this year. She has fitted in beautifully and enjoys having fun with Oreo and all the crew.
Nothing beats a mucky pup! 
All sizes of dogs are welcome at Happydoggydays, from the littlest to the largest!
Some of our Happy Doggys who are all being very clever and sitting still! 
Meet Lily.

Lily is a 3 year old beagle who has just joined us.  
Lily is great off lead and does many tricks, including the fabulous beagle howl!!
Meet Pi.

Pi is a black & white show cocker.
We started with puppy visits when Pi was only 3 months old!
He is now 10 months old and will hopefully be joining us for big days out soon.


Looking much more appealing at the Scottish Springer Rescue funday!
This photo was taken by www.anjart.co.uk
Please check out Anj's website for more details
Meet Juno.

Juno is a 3 year old black lab, who also joined us at the end of September. She and Wish are very friendly and enjoy having lots of chasing fun.
We said goodbye to Bramble in August.
Lucky girl has her dad at home full time now, so she is enjoying having company all day.
Luka & Daisy, our two chocolate chums, having a bit of a cuddle after their day out.
Tired dogs after a great day.
Meet Oreo.

My 4 year old English springer spaniel and the reason I started Happydoggydays
We do endeavour to get your dogs home clean & dry, but sometimes it is a difficult task!

A little reminder. 
If payment is not received when due - your dogs place may be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
Resulting in the possibility, your place will be lost and we will not have space for your dog on our next adventure!
We work very hard at Happydoggydays, to ensure your dog has a great time and believe we provide an excellent service. In the same way we reward your dog for all the good behaviour we recieve, we do expect to be rewarded for our good behaviour too!
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